International class

International Class

  • International class Early Childhood Music Education

    For children from 1 - 4 years old

    • English spoken and english sung
    • For parent (or care-giver) and child
    • parents are important and actively involved by the lesson

    Babies and young children develop quickly in the first few years of their life. They develop best in warm, nurturing relationships. Music can be a great stimulans for the development of the child and his exploring of the world. Musical knowledge is acquired in interaction with the musical environment. Through musical experiences and musical interactions ( children and adults) the child can explore and develop.
    There are several development areas: sensory, emotional, social, physical, language, music, cognition. Each age has an own development. I will give suitable musical activities for each age.

    Children 1 – 2 years:

    This is a time of firsts – first steps, first words, first tantrum. Children develop by exploring the world, climbing, running and tasting. They are self-centered and see everything as being there for them alone.

    Children 2 – 3 years:

    Toddlers want to become more independant. They have new things to learn and strong feelings to deal with it . They can lose control of feelings and this can scare them.They need lots of physical contact and reassurance that they are lovable.

    Children 3 – 4 years:

    Children of 3 years know more words, can express some ideas and have a rich imagination. They love to play and enjoy doing physical things. They are learning how to get along with others, to share and take turns. They are now happier to spend some time away from parents.

    Start course januar t/m march 2017
    Friday 10.30 - 11.15 am

    20 en 27 januari
    3, 10, 17 en 24 februari
    10, 17, 24 en 31 maart
    Price: 10 times: € 115,00

    Start course mai and june 2017 ( 7 times)

    12 en 19 mai
    2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 june
    Price 7 times: € 80,50

    Place: Buurthuis Vlietwijk, Professor Einsteinlaan 2 F, Voorschoten


    Try an open lesson?

    An open lesson is possible, please register yourself for it also! An open lesson costs € 11,50.

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